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Trusted Gas Line Repair & Replacement In Corvallis

The gas lines in your Corvallis home provide many valuable services, from heating the house to delivering a chef-quality cooking surface indoors and the perfect BBQ heat source outside. However, as with any piping, gas lines can become worn or damaged. But unlike a leaking water line, a gas line leak can create life-threatening hazards. Please never ignore the signs of a gas leak or even a concern that you might have a gas leak. Contact Evenflo Plumbing immediately at 541-230-3477 for a safety inspection and any necessary Corvallis gas line repair or a complete gas line replacement in Corvallis. Our staff has decades of expertise in locating gas leaks quickly and repairing them to restore the safety of your home.

Recognizing The Signs Of A Gas Leak

Pure natural gas is colorless and odorless. However, to increase the safety of consumers, utility providers add an inert chemical to provide the odor of sulfur or rotten eggs. This pungent odor is the only way most homeowners know of a gas leak in their homes. Other signs of a gas leak include a cloud of mist at the location of the gas leak or a hissing sound where the gas is escaping from the pipe. When you discover any of these indications of a gas line leak, call Evenflo Plumbing immediately at 541-230-3477 and evacuate your home.

Understanding Exposure To A Gas Leak

When propane or natural gas leaks into the air, it displaces the oxygen you need to breathe. As you breathe the gas-laden air, you will begin to suffer from oxygen deprivation. Recognizing the signs of this potentially fatal issue is vital for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Signs can include:
When you notice these signs of exposure to gas, evacuate everyone from the house quickly, including domestic pets. Leave the doors and windows open to allow the gas to dissipate and call 911 to request emergency assistance. Then call Evenflo Plumbing at 541-230-3477.

Corvallis Gas Line Repair Services

The certified experts at Evenflo Plumbing will arrive quickly to locate any gas leaks in your home or the property. Once the leak is located, our pros will provide you with the details of the leak and your options for a fully warrantied Corvallis gas line repair. Only after the leak has been professionally repaired is it safe to return to your home.

Gas Line Replacement In Corvallis

If your home’s gas lines are deteriorating or damaged, the best long-term solution could be a complete Corvallis gas line replacement. This more extensive service is warranted when there are multiple leaks in a line or the piping shows excessive wear. At Evenflo Plumbing, we understand that you might not expect the significant expense of a Corvallis gas line replacement. However, it might be the only way to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. So know that we will work with you to find a safe and affordable solution when you call 541-230-3477 for a gas line replacement in Corvallis or a Corvallis gas line repair.
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