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Evenflo Plumbing was founded in 1989 by Jim Hardman in California. In 2001, he met Lisa and relocated to the Willamette Valley and the two were married in 2002. Together, they began the journey to fulfill Jim’s vision. Once Evenflo was moved to the Willamette Valley, the business quickly began to flourish specializing in service and repair. Beginning with just Lisa and Jim, Evenflo now employs 15 people and is a well-respected business in the Willamette Valley area. In 2018, the community honored Evenflo with the Small business of the year award.

Jim and Lisa’s three children also help with the business, volunteering time for shop and office work. This connected them with college students, inspiring them to start internship programs and create career opportunities for adolescents. Evenflo also gives back by donating to cancer research, boys and girls club, St. Jude, and supporting local businesses. Jim Hardman, founder has over 36 years of experience and Evenflo has been operating in the Willamette Valley for over 20 years.

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