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Jim & Lisa Hardman - Owners

Jim and Lisa, the dynamic duo behind a thriving plumbing enterprise. Jim with his extensive background in plumbing, brings a deep technical expertise to the company. Lisa, the one behind the scenes of the company works hard to make clients and staff feel like part of the family. Evenflo Plumbing isn't just about making plumbing repairs It's a testament to their dedication, expertise and unwavering passion for providing top-notch plumbing solutions with a personal touch.

Wendy Wood - Office Manager

Wendy has been a part of the Evenflo team since the beginning! Wendy enjoys working for Evenflo because of the great work/life balance but most importantly being able to help people while also building relationships with customers is what Wendy enjoys most. In Wendy’s free time she loves to go camping, take her dogs to the park, golf and drink wine!

Gina Everett - Office Assistant

Gina’s appreciation for Evenflo stems from the company’s nurturing, family-centered atmosphere fostered by Jim and Lisa. Gina says “They even made it possible for me to have my dog alongside me at work!” Some hobbies that Gina enjoys doing outside of the office include making treats and toys for her dog, crocheting, embroidery, the outdoors and reading!

Vanessa Taber - Office Assistant

Vanessa enjoys working for Evenflo because of the flexibility with her busy school schedule and how she is able to get experience in marketing for the company. Vanessa’s hobbies include a range of activities, from snowboarding and camping to playing with her dogs and spending time with loved ones.

Charlie Herbert - Plumber

Charlie recognizes the perpetual demand for this essential trade, making it a rewarding field to be a part of. At Evenflo, Charlie finds gratification in the vibrant community that we form. In Charlie's free time he enjoys activities such as gold panning, discovering intriguing rocks, fishing and swimming!

Kyle Smith - Plumber

Kyle decided to pursue a career in plumbing because he enjoys helping people and he is very proficient at it. What Kyle loves most about working at Evenflo is the owners and all of his awesome coworkers. When Kyle is not being a plumber you can find him in his garden!

Mike Breaux - Plumber

Opting for a career as a plumber, Mike finds joy in the dynamic challenges that each day brings. His enthusiasm for his role at Evenflo is fueled by the strong sense of the family camaraderie we share. Beyond Mike's professional life he enjoys hobbies such as fishing and listening to podcasts!

Keygun Perez - Plumber

Keygun decided to pursue a career in plumbing due to his passion for aiding others and forming new connections. He enjoys working for Evenflo, because of the close-knit community. When Keygun is not working he finds enjoyment in weightlifting and indulging in delectable cuisine.

Jason Kanan - Plumber

Jason K. became a plumber because his brother and father were plumbers, Jason says, “It was fate.” Jason enjoys working at Evenflo because they care tremendously about their employees. In Jason’s free time he enjoys working in the yard, camping and gardening with his wife!

Timothy Cook - Plumber

Timothy didn't choose to be a plumber, plumbing chose him! Timothy loves the family environment that Evenflo provides. When Timothy isn't plumbing, he enjoys the outdoors, surfing, kayaking, and hiking!

Noah Lev-Sieger - Apprentice

Noah’s career in plumbing was a natural choice, fueled by his pre-existing experience in the field. At Evenflo, he finds satisfaction in the great work environment. Outside of Noah’s professional life he channels his energy into woodworking and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Reid Demarest - Apprentice

Reid chose to be a plumber because he says “the work is fulfilling” and he enjoys solving and diagnosing the large variety of problems customers may have. Reid enjoys working for Evenflo because of the relaxed supportive environment. Some hobbies Reid enjoys doing outside of work include sailing, trout fishing and riding his motorcycle.

Jason Schoell - Apprentice

Jason S. says, “It's not just a job,. it's a career” and that's why he chose to be a plumber. He enjoys helping customers solve their plumbing problems. Jason loves working for Evenflo because of the family oriented atmosphere. In Jason’s free time he enjoys camping, traveling, concerts and the outdoors.

Josh Hamann - Apprentice

Josh chose plumbing as a career because he enjoys working with his hands and building relationships with every customer he helps. The family-centric atmosphere is what he loves most about Evenflo. Some hobbies that Josh enjoys doing in his free time include camping and sports, playing softball especially!

Caleb Hardman - Apprentice

Caleb says, “everyone needs plumbing and he loves to help people while also making a living.” Caleb loves working at Evenflo because all the employees are professional and caring. Some hobbies that Caleb does in his free time consist of playing sports and video games.

Kyle Lebar - Apprentice

Kyle decided to be a plumber because his father was a plumber and he enjoys hands-on work. He loves working at Evenflo because he gets to work with his family! Some of Kyle's hobbies include hiking, skateboarding and listening to music.

Cole Leibelt - Apprentice

Cole chose to be a plumber because it keeps him busy and he enjoys solving problems. He loves working at Evenflo because he enjoys his job and all the people he works with. Some of Cole's hobbies include operating heavy machinery, and spending time with his family and friends.

Braydon Lebar - Apprentice

Braydon chose to be a plumber because he enjoys helping people, Braydon says, “it is a job I see myself doing for a long time.” Braydon enjoys working at Evenflo because of how friendly and close the staff is. In Braydon’s free time he likes to play basketball, ride his motorcycle and camp.

Tanner Everett - Shop Manager

Tanner enjoys working in the shop because he gets to organize, order parts and help the plumbers be successful. Tanner says he enjoys working at Evenflo because “everyone is close and we treat each other like family.” Some of Tanner's hobbies include art, specifically street art, video games and comic books.

Joseph Wittbrodt - Shop Assistant

Joseph enjoys working in the shop because he gets to help the plumbers get parts together and take them to the plumber. Joseph enjoys working at Evenflo because they are very welcoming and friendly. Some hobbies that Joseph does in his free time is golfing, bowling and hanging out with friends.

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