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Expert Corvallis Sump Pump Installation

Living in the Mid-Willamette Valley, residents understand the essential service that sump pumps provide to their homes. In this sometimes very moist environment, it is vital to have a functional sump pump to remove the groundwater that could flood your home and cause costly water and structural damage to the house and your belongings. However, it can be challenging to know whom to call when you find that your Corvallis sump pump needs a repair or if you need a new sump pump installation in the Corvallis. When you ask friends and neighbors whom they entrust with these critical services at their homes, the name you will surely hear is Evenflo Plumbing.

For decades, Evenflo Plumbing has been providing reliable and cost-effective sump pump repairs in Corvallis as well as fast Corvallis sump pump replacements when customers need them the most. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency service when available, exceptional pricing and a full warranty to provide added peace of mind to our valued clients. Call 541-230-3477 at the first sign of a sump pump issue, and our pros will deliver the information you need to make a wise investment in a Corvallis sump pump repair or sump pump installation in Corvallis.

Common Sump Pump Repairs In Corvallis

Many homeowners panic when they discover that their sump pump is not working. Before calling Evenflo Plumbing at 541-230-3477, please take a moment to check the plug on the pump to be sure it is fully inserted into the outlet and that the breaker for the outlet is not tripped. If those two steps do not restore the function of your sump pump, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that our pros can locate the issue and provide you with cost-effective Corvallis sump pump repair solutions, including:
These are just a few of the many repairs our certified pros provide when a customer discovers a sump pump is not working correctly.

When To Opt For A Corvallis Sump Pump Replacement

At Evenflo Plumbing, we always aim to provide our customers with many options to meet their needs and budget. However, we will also let you know when a slightly larger investment will provide a significantly greater result. In the case of a Corvallis sump pump replacement, we often recommend this option over a repair when the unit is nearing ten years of service. This time frame is close to the end of its life expectancy, and an older sump pump will not offer the same dependability as a new one. In addition, we recommend a sump pump replacement when the repair cost will be close to 50% of the cost of a Corvallis sump pump replacement. We believe this is a wise investment to secure a new pump and full warranty to ensure the safety of your home from costly flooding. Please call 541-230-3477 to learn more about Evenflo Plumbing’s exceptional sump pump services.
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