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For over 20 years, the community of Lebanon, OR, has been relying on Evenflo Plumbing for all their plumbing needs. In addition to the highest quality plumbing services, this locally owned family business provides exceptional customer service and reasonable prices on every project. No job is too large or small, and each receives the same level of attention to detail and dedication that had made Evenflo Plumbing the premier plumber in Lebanon, OR. Contact these experts at 541-230-3477 for affordable solutions to all your plumbing needs.


The experts at Evenflo plumbing rely on technology rather than caustic chemical drain cleaners to remove drain clogs and nasty residue. A high-pressure jet of water is all that is needed to safely clean drains with no concerns about caustic chemical fumes, harming the environment, or damaging your home’s essential drain pipes. Also, the water jet cleaning is the only process that will remove the residue that creates future clogs.


For complete water heater service in Lebanon at reasonable prices, the team to trust is Evenflo Plumbing. With decades of combined experience, these pros repair and install all makes and models of gas and electrical traditional and tankless water heaters. And in many cases, their well-stocked service truck allows them to complete the necessary repair and restore your hot water service in a single visit.


A damaged or clogged sewer line at your Lebanon home typically results in a flood of raw sewage. However, when you contact the experts at Evenflo Plumbing at the first signs of sewer line issues, they can often provide a traditional or trenchless sewer line repair or replacement to prevent a nasty flood in your home. In addition, their use of modern advances like small waterproof cameras and trenchless sewer line repair techniques are sure to save you frustration and money.


Professional gas line services from the certified experts at Evenflo Plumbing are essential in maintaining the safety of your loved ones and home. Never try to install a gas line, locate a possible gas leak, or replace a deteriorating gas line on your own. These jobs should only be entrusted to the trained professionals who will get the job done right the first time and at a very reasonable price.


Lebanon homeowners know that even a tiny amount of water in their homes can create costly water damage and 

promote hazardous mold growth. And the only device that prevents these issues is their home’s sump pump. To ensure that your home’s sump pump is up to this significant challenge, only trust its service and repair to the Evenflo Plumbing experts.


You should never need to worry about the purity of your home’s water. Instead, call the water quality experts at Evenflo Plumbing for an in-home water test. If our pros determine that the water is contaminated, we will offer water filtration solutions. If your home has hard water, we will guide you in selecting a water softener to remove the water’s high mineral content to protect your home’s plumbing system and improve the water’s taste.
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