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Cold Weather Sewer Line Maintenance Tips

The drain lines in your home put up with a lot on a daily basis, especially as time speeds into the colder months and more people tend to stay indoors. Properly taking care of your sewer lines can make a significant difference in how well they hold up. The following are just some sewer line maintenance tips to take you from summer into winter.

Schedule a Sewer Line Cleaning

If it’s been about two years since you had a sewer line cleaning, there’s no better time than at the end of summer to get it done. A plumber will come in and do a full clean-out to ensure there are no clogs and/or built-up debris on the interior walls. Once that’s complete, you typically won’t have to worry about it again for another couple of years. 

Save Your Metal Cans

The cooler fall and winter months usually mean a lot more cooking, and often, that comes with using a decent amount of grease and oil. Dumping it down the drain is one of the fastest ways to damage your drain lines and build up clogs. 

If you start saving your cans now, such as ones from canned vegetables or coffee, you’ll have several on hand to use throughout the colder months for grease and oil disposal. After it collects in the pan, all you have to do is carefully pour it into the can and let it cool before you toss it into the garbage.  

Switch Your Toilet Paper

Although you may love your two-ply toilet paper, more toilet usage in your home throughout fall and winter as you stay indoors more often and have more people over could increase the chances of a clogged drain line. Switching your toilet paper to one-ply now may be an ideal option. Consider stocking up so you have plenty to get you through the last half of the year. 

Get Seemingly Minor Problems Checked

Seemingly minor problems are likely to worsen due to a heavier toll on the drain systems in the fall and winter. If you’re noticing issues, such as slow-moving water, get them checked in summer by a qualified plumber before they turn into major (and more costly) issues to fix. The last thing you probably want is to prepare to host a gathering only to encounter a major issue, such as a leak.

Don’t let sewer line issues cause you problems throughout fall and winter. Call Evenflo Plumbing today in Corvallis, OR, to ensure your sewer lines are in peak condition in time for heavy-duty use this winter.

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