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How to Maximize Water Heater Efficiency

Your water heater gets put to the test every day on your behalf. Heating water can require a lot of energy, but there are ways in which you can maximize efficiency. The tips below should help you lower your energy consumption without disrupting your daily routine.

Reduce Hot Water Usage

The more hot water you demand, the harder your system will have to work and the higher your energy bills will be. Therefore, the easiest thing to do to keep things running efficiently is to use less hot water. You can reduce the length of showers, run fewer baths each month, avoid using hot water in your washing machine, and run full loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

Additionally, you can swap out your old fixtures for new low-flow ones. Take showerheads, for example. Many showerheads from the early 1990s have flow rates of five and a half gallons per minute. In comparison, newer showerheads can have flow rates that are about one or two gallons per minute. Using one of these showerheads can greatly reduce how much hot water you use.

Adjust the Water Heater Thermostat

Many water heaters are programmed to heat water to 130 or 140 degrees. At these temperatures, water can be too hot for a shower, and it can even scald people. You should be fine if you set your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees. You’ll still be able to enjoy hot water with this setting, but your water heater won’t have to work as hard.

Flush Your System

In some homes, sediment can build up in a water tank. That sediment can make it more difficult to heat water. To prevent this from happening, you can flush your system about every year to get rid of any sediment.

Insulate Your Pipes

Heat can escape through the pipes as hot water is transported. If you insulate your pipes, you can reduce that heat loss and increase efficiency. You should be able to find budget-friendly pipe sleeves or pipe insulation that can be cut to fit your pipes.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right System

You need to use the right-sized system to get the most out of your investment. An undersized water heater will have to work overtime, leading to premature wear and tear. In contrast, an oversized unit would waste energy by heating more water than you need.

Let Us Help You

Water heaters can use a lot of energy in a given year, but there are ways in which you can cut down on your utility bills. If you need any assistance with water heater service at your Corvallis, OR, home, please contact us at Evenflo Plumbing.

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