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Rainy season is upon us!  If you’re from the Willamette Valley, it is no surprise to hear that Corvallis averages over 42 inches of rain every year (2).  With numbers so high, it is very important to make sure that your storm drains are working properly.  Finding a small problem in your drain line and getting it fixed before the storm season is fully set in could end up saving you thousands of dollars in damage.  During the peak rainy months, give us a call and mention our “Rain Drain Special” and you can receive a FREE evaluation (a $49 value). Before giving Evenflo a call, there are a few things you can check around your house on your own to determine whether or not you are having a storm drain problem.

In the Mid-Willamette Valley there are a plethora of trees.  Deciduous and firs both can be found on every corner.  Leaves, needles, and debris from these trees are constantly falling into your rain drainage system, even pine cones at times.  We also find roof debris such as granules from tar paper shingles. All of the debris can cause your system to become backed up; if you see water gushing over the side of your house you most likely have debris clogging your drain.  Vertical streaks of dirt on the outside of your gutters, mud spattered on the siding, and/or paint peeling off the house in vertical strips are all sure signs that you have a rain drainage problem!  This problem can usually be fixed by clearing the drain, but there is a chance that the gutters are undersized or improperly pitched and need to be replaced.  Our technicians are trained to know how to properly evaluate these problems.

Every inch of rain that falls on a 1000 square foot roof produces more than 600 gallons of run off.  That is enough to fill up 10 bathtubs (1).  If your house does not have the correct length of downspouts, all of that water could get dumped right next to your foundation.  The water could then seep into the soil and put extra pressure on your foundation, causing it to crack, and then, later leak.  Having standing water in your basement is a problem, especially if you are using it for storage and it can attract unwanted rodents.  This very expensive problem can easily be avoided with the help of an Evenflo technician.  With the free evaluation, rather be safe than sorry and give our office a call!

Last October was the wettest October ever recorded in the Mid-Willamette Valley by over 1.5 inches (3).  We received a high volume of calls from people across the valley that were experiencing problems with their rain drain systems.  That is why this year we are offering all customers a free evaluation if they call and mention our “Rain Drain Special.” Call us at 541-738-8853 and our office staff will get you on our schedule to have our highly trained technicians come out and take a look at your drainage system.  Best case scenario, you have nothing wrong and you don’t pay a penny!  When you need a pro, go with the flo!

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