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Having pure, healthy water to drink is something that most people used to take for granted. However, as more information is available about contaminated water and its health implications, residents in the Mid-Willamette Valley region have become more interested in Corvallis water treatment systems for their homes. As a family-owned and operated local business, the team at Evenflo Plumbing understands your concerns. We offer many options to ensure that the water your loved ones consume is safe and healthy. Contact our water purity experts at 541-230-3477 to learn more about Corvallis water filtration systems and the water softeners Corvallis residents install in their homes.

Signs That You Need A Corvallis Water Treatment System

We all know that pure water is odorless and colorless. So when you notice any tint or discoloration to your water or an odd odor, it is time to have your water tested. In addition, if the water has a discernable taste, like metal or acid, have the water tested immediately. You can also be alerted to contaminated water if you find that items cleaned in the water are becoming stained. Finally, hard water could damage your entire plumbing system if there is a white chalky buildup on your water fixtures. Have the water tested soon to learn more about how to correct any of these issues to protect your loved ones and home from the hazards of impure water.

Understanding Corvallis Water Softeners

While hard water does not pose a health threat, it can substantially shorten the life of your home’s plumbing system due to mineral buildup. In addition, the water might not taste pleasant to drink or when used for cooking. The minerals are also known to contribute to dry skin and hair after bathing in hard water. The solution to all these issues is a Corvallis water softener. This device will eliminate the minerals damaging your plumbing fixtures with buildup and creating an unpleasant taste in the water. However, the unit does not remove any other contaminants.

Understanding Corvallis Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems in Corvallis homes remove various contaminants from the water, from chemicals to sand or dirt, depending on the type of filtration used. The options for Corvallis water filtration systems include:
When you call Evenflo Plumbing at 541-230-3477 for water testing, our pros will determine any issues in your home’s water. With that information, we will provide you with recommendations and price quotes for the appropriate type of Corvallis water filtration system to best meet your needs and budget.

Why Opt For A Corvallis Water Treatment System?

Pure water is essential for a healthy life. And when the tap water in your home is unpleasant to drink or even unhealthy, you are likely not to consume enough water to remain properly hydrated. Buying bottled water is a costly and labor-intensive alternative that most homeowners abandon after lugging home water becomes a chore. Instead of wasting money on bottled water and overloading landfills with plastic bottles, call Evenflo Plumbing at 541-230-3477 for more information about affordable Corvallis water treatment systems.
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