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Blue flames on gas stove burner.

Gas Piping Problems That Need Repair

Stoves, heaters, furnaces, and other gas-powered equipment are an integral feature of any kitchen or heating system, making gas pipes an integral part of any building. When gas pipes are regularly serviced, they ensure the safety and efficiency of the gas system. When they are neglected, they can create serious health issues or even explosions in the worst-case scenario. Calling a plumber should be a top priority if you experience any of the following issues

Leaks in the Pipeline

A gas leak may result in either poisoning or an explosion, which can be lethal. The gas industry has artificially heightened the smell of natural gas because it is naturally odorless and colorless. If you smell gas, get everyone out of the home and contact a plumber immediately. Keep away from the property and don’t do anything that might cause a fire while the plumber is on their way.

Problems With the Valves on Gas Pipes

Problems with the valves in a gas line may cause gas to leak or build up. If you find any gas-powered appliances slowing down, it’s time to check gas pipes out before it gets worse. If you suspect a problem with the valves, you should call a plumber for an inspection. It is simple and inexpensive to replace a gas valve, but it is a job that requires professional attention.


Depending on their location, gas pipelines may get blocked with dirt, insects, tree roots, or even water, causing the gas flow to slow down. Whatever the reason for the obstruction, the result is the same: gas-powered appliances lose efficiency or, in extreme circumstances, gas flow completely ceases and nothing works. If a blockage in a gas pipe is allowed to persist for too long, the resulting pressure buildup might cause the pipe to leak, which is very hazardous. If you detect any indicators of obstruction in your gas pipes, you should call a plumber to clear the obstruction and restore normal gas flow and use.

Cracks and Hissing Sounds

If you see any cracks in your gas pipes, it’s time to have them fixed. The age of the gas line can cause the pipes to begin cracking, which can lead to a small leak that puts you and your family in danger. Small amounts of gas escaping through the cracks can make them difficult to spot, but a faint hissing noise can be heard whenever the gas is on.

Reach Out for Professional Help

Gas lines are not something to take lightly. It’s important to call a plumber whenever you suspect that there may be a problem with your gas supply. If you’re in Corvallis, OR or the surrounding area, contact our plumbers at Evenflo Plumbing for help with gas line repair and other plumbing services.

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