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Foundation over sewer pipe drainage system.

How a Professional Sewer Line Inspection Saves You Money

When you flush your toilets, wash your hands, do your dishes, wash your laundry, or use any other plumbing appliance in your home, that water and other waste material has to go somewhere. Your sewer lines are responsible for carrying waste and wastewater from your home and into your septic tank. While many people don’t think about their sewer lines until there’s a problem, routine sewer line inspection provides a number of benefits, including some that can save money.

Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

The entire point of a sewer line inspection is to identify any blockages or damaged lines before they have an opportunity to turn into something more serious. During this inspection, one of our licensed plumbers will run a camera into your sewer system while looking for any signs of damage. Finding a blockage or a damaged sewer line before it has time to evolve can help reduce the likelihood of a line breaking, resulting in water damage and other more expensive problems in the future.

Extend the Life of Your System

Sewer lines that are made of PVC, the most common type in homes across the US, can last for up to 100 years. However, in order to get that sort of lifespan out of your sewer lines, it’s important to have them inspected so minor problems can be cut off at the pass. By identifying small issues, you can make the necessary repairs to keep your system functioning at its best for as long as possible. This allows you to get a lifetime of use out of your sewer lines.

Protect Against Structural Damage

While you may not think of your sewer system as something that can damage your home’s structural integrity, it can. A busted line under the foundation of your home can severely damage your foundation. Moreover, if a sewer line that runs under your floors breaks, it has the potential to rot the boards that support your floors and walls. Investing in routine sewer line inspections is a sound investment in the structural integrity of your home.

Professional Plumbing Inspection

Our team of professionally licensed plumbers has been helping customers for more than 20 years combined. We also equip our team with the best tools in the industry, allowing our plumbers to perform top-notch sewer line inspections and other plumbing tasks. Our commitment to excellence has earned us more than 300 five-star reviews from verified customers on Google. If you are an Corvallis, OR resident, contact Evenflo Plumbing today to schedule a sewer line inspection and ask about the rest of our plumbing services.

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