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Ways to Know That You Need a Sewer Inspection

Your home takes a lot of work to keep running smoothly, but your plumbing should have proactive maintenance instead of reactive. You need to understand the signs of a sewer line problem to know when to get an inspection. These issues require immediate attention before the warning signs cause massive damage to your property.

Your Drains Are Slow

A slow bathtub, toilet, or sink drain is one of the first signs of a growing blockage. An untreated pipe can cause the clog to get worse, which may back up the sewage. If you notice multiple drains slowing at once, it’s probably a sewer line issue.

Your Pipes Are Gurgling

Gurgling pipes are often the first signs that your sewer needs an inspection. Gurgling noises can have multiple causes unless multiple drains are gurgling. One drain gurgling may be a clogged pipe, but noises from multiple drains could be a block in the main sewer line.

You Notice Foul Smells

There are many gasses and a lot of debris in a sewer line that can back up into your home without the proper ventilation. If you notice foul odors in your home, find the source to see if it’s coming from your drains. These smells are dangerous, and a plumber should immediately investigate them.

You Notice Backflow Issues

Backflow issues happen when debris or liquid comes up through your drains, and it’s never the first symptom of a sewer problem. If backflow comes up through drains, you already have other signs of sewer issues. A tough clog in your pipes isn’t fixable with regular cleaning methods.

Increases in Your Water Bill

Often overlooked as a sign that you need sewer line inspection is your water bill increasing. An increase in your water bill without any changes in usage could mean a leak. It’s good for our plumbers to check your sewer line while checking the rest of your system.

Changes in Your Yard

While tree roots can enter and block the sewer line, they can also crack the pipe. If you notice greener patches in your lawn, there may be a leak in your sewer line. The sewage acts as a fertilizer, which grows nearby plants quickly and indicates an area for the leak.

Foundation Cracks or Sinkholes

Cracks in your foundation or sinkholes in your yard may appear when you miss signs of sewer line issues. A sewer line leak will slowly erode the soil and cause structural damage. If you notice cracks or sinkholes on your property, quickly call for a sewer line inspection.

Gurgling noises and smells coming from multiple drains are a good indicator of sewer line issues. To prevent further damage to your property, reach out to a plumber once you start seeing any of these symptoms. If you have questions about a sewer line inspection in Corvallis, OR, call us at Evenflo Plumbing for an appointment today.

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