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A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

How Professional Plumbers Maintain Your Sump Pump

Fall, rain, and college football seem to go together in this Oregon State city. A non-functioning sump pump doesn’t usually reveal itself until rain hits and water fills the basement. Your basement could flood and cause significant water damage to your home.

Prevent this scenario by having your sump pump maintained annually. A well-maintained sump pump will last for 10 years or more. Here’s what a professional plumber will do to keep your Corvallis, OR home’s pump in good working order.

Cleaning the Pump Basin or Pit

A sump pump is installed in a pit that is dug inside your basement and lined with a large protective cylinder. The cylinder usually has a lid with cut-outs that allow space for the outlet pipe.

The first maintenance step involves removing the lid, checking the pump’s basin for any debris that needs removal, and using a wet vac to remove dirt, gravel, and other debris at the bottom of the pit.

Not every sump pit has a lid, and kids’ toys, laundry items, and other objects could fall into the pit, blocking the pump’s ability to work correctly. The plumber will also check the cylinder, pump, and other components for damage or cracks.

Checking the Sump Pump

Most sump pumps use a float to detect rising water and trigger the “on” switch. Once the pump turns on, it removes the water from your basement through a pipe outlet that drains away from the home.

A plumber removes and inspects the unit for signs of corrosion or rust. Next, they will clean the pump’s inlet screen. If a small piece of gravel gets inside the pump, it can block its inner mechanisms and prevent it from working. If the pump has bearings, the plumber will check and lubricate them unless they’re sealed bearings.

After reinstalling the pump, the plumber will pour several gallons of water into the sump pit and wait to see how the float reacts. The water level should raise the float and trigger the pump switch without problems. The float should move its entire range without catching and turn the pump on and off as intended.

Don’t Forget the Pump Discharge Pipe

The sump pump propels water out of the basement through an outlet pipe. A plumber will locate the pipe in your yard and check its condition, looking for cracks or other damage. They will also remove any vegetation or dirt that could block the outflow.

If water seems to drain slowly from the pit, your plumber will be able to remedy this by clearing the outlet pipe. Finally, your plumber will check to ensure that no water stands in the pipes without draining, as it could freeze and burst the pipe or obstruct the water flow.

Don’t Put Off Maintenance

Keeping your sump pump clean and well-maintained will ensure it works well all year round. Don’t wait for the rainy season to hit before having a plumber come out. You will get the most longevity and dependability out of your sump pump by maintaining it once a year.

If it’s time for a sump pump cleaning and checkup for your home in Corvallis, OR, our top-rated plumbers have been serving satisfied customers since 1989. Call Evenflo Plumbing for a fast response and top-quality work today!

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