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Installation of a new sump pump and the removal of the old obsolete rusty one with a high angle view of the pumps, pit and pipes

Sump Pump Problems to Look Out For

In Corvallis, we get more than our fair share of rain. Some properties in our area have trouble with water in their basements, crawl spaces, or main living areas. Sump pumps can be great solutions if this is a common occurrence. Sump pumps, just like any other appliance, do require maintenance, and sometimes they can run into problems. Here are some common sump pump problems to be aware of.


Sump pumps, because of their location in the ground and the fact that some models are exposed, are susceptible to clogging. Dirt and debris can find their way into the system, making it hard for the pump to operate at its full potential. It may sound like it’s continually running, only to not be very effective. Regular sump pump maintenance, which we offer at Evenflo Plumbing, can make sure clogs don’t become a big issue for you.

Another place in which clogs can occur is in the discharge line, which takes water away from your home. The symptom of this problem would be a pump that seems to be always running because it can’t properly expel the water. In the winter, since our temperatures can sometimes get quite cold in Corvallis, the water in that line could become frozen. Alternatively, that line could be clogged with dirt or debris. Small animals that live in our area are sometimes the culprits in this situation. We may need to insulate your line to protect it from winter weather. We can protect the opening to ensure that little critters don’t cause damage.

A Stuck Float

One of the ways in which some sump pumps know when to turn on if by using a float activator. When it changes its position based on water level, the pump knows when to activate. Unfortunately, that float could get stuck in the “off” position, and therefore, the pump would never be engaged. The opposite can be true, too, when the float gets stuck in the “on” position. If there’s an issue with the float, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Not Able to Keep Up

If a sump pump can’t keep up with water, a whole host of problems can result. If there’s a frequent issue related to power, consider getting a battery-operated backup sump pump. Since storms can take out our power in Oregon while also bringing so much rain, this may be a smart idea. In addition, make sure you have the right sized sump pump. To get a professional assessment of what type of unit would work well, you can turn to Evenflo Plumbing.

Sump pumps can experience some issues related to clogging, not turning on or off, and not being able to handle their workload. If you have a problem, we can take care of the sump pump repair. Call today for an appointment.

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